ACTION ALERT DUE FEB 21: Support the end to disclosure of non-conviction information on police record checks

Dear PRCC members and supporters,

As you may be aware at the end of the month the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) will be considering recommendations from the OACP’s LEARN subcommittee regarding the release of non-conviction information on police record checks. These recommendations were developed by the LEARN subcommittee and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association following a community consultation
in November 2013, in which the majority of community organizations and police representatives agreed that this practice does not increase public safety, but rather creates barriers for already marginalized communities and vulnerable individuals.

PRCC strongly believes that disclosure of non-conviction information is stigmatizing and discriminatory and that this practice should stop. Here is where we need your help. As OACP considers the LEARN subcommittee recommendations, we invite you to write to your local chief of police and express your support to end disclosure of non-conviction information
on police record checks. Please send any letters or statements of support by February 21st, 2014 and please copy PRCC on the correspondence that you send in support of this issue – it will help us present a stronger case as well.

We’ve attached a template letter which you can use to relay your concerns to your local police forces. To find the contact information for your local division/chief, follow this link:

For more information about PRCC, click here:

Thank you all for your support!

PRCC co-chairs.

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